The Fundamentals of a Good Half Marathon Training Program

You need to guarantee yourself that you are following the best half marathon training program you can find if you want to run a successful marathon. Many runners end up running a disappointing marathon because they use simple a half marathon training program. This article points out the key points that any excellent half marathon training program should have.

Level of Training

You should have a fairly good idea about your marathon goals before you even start your training since it relates to your running experience and ability. Do not be too striving to start with if you have not experienced a marathon before. At times, just completing the marathon comfortably is a fair enough goal! Check out our half marathon training program.

Pick a training level that you can manage from a weekly point of view. You will run a number of miles during the weeks of training, so be sure that you can handle those miles.

Vary Your Runs

Try to vary your running pace from time to time. Truth is, most training programs will state what type of run you should do each day. You might tasked to do an easy pace, hill run, marathon pace, or other specific types of run.

Interchange Your Training Days

The hassle with training for a marathon is that your body does not get enough rest to recover from the increasing effort as you proceed with the program. To counter this, a great half marathon training program will follow the hard day and easy day practice as much as possible. This means that you will change between light training days with hard ones.


A good half marathon training program must also include food intake advice. Many marathon runners believe that lots of carbohydrates intake is all they need for training. That belief is not true! Indeed a lot of carbohydrates will fuel you to run, but you also need proper amounts of protein as well to aid repair muscle tissue that has been damaged especially during the longer runs. You also need the proper amount of fat, but must be unsaturated as much as possible. Find out more at

The Mental Aspect of Half Marathon Training

I told this to a friend of mine who then suddenly replied "You have to be crazy to think about running 26 miles"! Still, it takes lots and lots of mental fortitude to get out of the door day after day and go head towards your required training run. Here are a new tips to help you get by: train with a friend or a group as long as your training goals are similar, take a couple of days off if you feel really down, tell yourself that the better you train the better you'll run the race, picture yourself successfully crossing the finish line. Check out today!